LeaderSail is committed to providing a safe and secure experience for all those participating in our program. This philosophy is not just about being safe and secure while on the water, or during training events, but in every aspect of our program, including the collection and use of private data. LeaderSail will make every effort to keep the information collected during our programs secure. We will not sell or provide in anyway the personal information provided to other companies or organizations.

Collection of Personal Information

Data collected of a personal nature such as name, address and phone number, and information required for travel outside the United States such as birth date and passport numbers will be closely protected by LeaderSail. This information will be used only in relation to the scheduled trip, and provided only as required by law of the various countries visited by the students participating in a LeaderSail Program.

Financial Data Security

LeaderSail utilizes the trusted services of PayPal to process all credit card payments. Their record of security in the industry has prompted us to use them for all electronic transactions. LeaderSail does not maintain any credit card information on our servers. The credit card information collected by PayPal is securely encrypted, and therefore a trusted means of processing credit card payments. Similarly payments through check, bank draft and the financial data transmitted by these means will be closely protected, and secured to industry standards.


LeaderSail is fully committed to providing an outstanding experience in all regards, and will work diligently to protect your personal and financial data provided. All data collected will be used for the sole and express purposes of LeaderSail and only provided to others as required by law. This policy is limited to the LeaderSail program only and will not apply to any use of third party sites as may be linked to the LeaderSail web site. Check the security policy of all third party sites before use. LeaderSail reserves the right to modify this policy as needed.


It is implied by your use of this site, that you accept the following terms and conditions. This site is designed to support LeaderSail. Though supervised by active JROTC instructors and professional teachers, LeaderSail is an independent corporation operated to support training students. LeaderSail programs are not sponsored by any of the parent JROTC programs. The LeaderSail affiliation with the US Navy Sailing association, and other links to professional and commercial organizations, do not convey or imply LeaderSail’s endorsement of these programs, or their endorsement of LeaderSail beyond that stated with each association. LeaderSail cannot be held responsible for any loss arising from the information on any linked site. All information is provided in good faith, and ultimately it is the end user’s responsibility to weigh the information provided and make their own informed and independent assessment and selection of the programs offered. There is no warranty with respect to the accuracy of the information on this site; however every effort has been made to make the site as accurate as possible. Any changes to the LeaderSail program will be posted at Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.