About Our Vessels

Over the years, we have realized that many people have questions about what the vessels we use for training are like. Are they small, old, safe? After all, even "Sailing Yachts" of a comparable size, vary greatly in efficiency, safety and age. We could try to explain what conditions are like, but we would rather just show you. Have fun using this page to explore the vessel used for LeaderSail training in a virtual boat tour. All boats used by LeaderSail are less than 10 years of age, rigged to increase safety and efficiency while sailing, and equipped with all the latest safety gear. We find in keeping to this philosophy that we can maximize training, while minimizing risk and downtime due to maintenance. To date, our dedication to making sure we have the best training platform possible has served us well. Our philosophy of providing the best equipment allows students to have some of the best experiences of their life, while staying safe and learning as much as they possibly can. The exact boat shown is based on availability. LeaderSail may substitute other boats of equivalent size and quality.


Overall Length:
50 ft, 7 in. / 15.42 m

Sail Area:
1268 sqft / 117 sqm

6 ft, 6 in. / 2 m

Auxiliary Power:
110 hp

4 + 1 in Bow

(Bathrooms): 5


Fuel Capacity:
105 gal. / 400 liters

Water Capacity:
259 gal. / 980 liters

27,954 lbs / 12,680 kg