Getting There

Students who are accepted into the LeaderSail program will be required to book their own travel arrangements to the point of embarkation for their LeaderSail Voyage. For our trips, there are two choices for points of embarkation.

Primary – most students arrive through the International Airport at St. Thomas (STT). This route has proven historically to be the most cost-efficient way to travel to the British Virgin Islands.

  • Students should be scheduled to arrive no later than 15:00 on the first day of their scheduled itinerary, in order to allow time for connections with the inter-island ferry.
  • Students should be scheduled to leave no earlier than 12:00 on the last day of their scheduled itinerary.
  • All arriving crew upon clearing customs and immigration will be met by a LeaderSail staff member.
  • LeaderSail staff will escort all students from the Airport to the Ferry Docks, onto the Ferry, and all the way to the LeaderSail Base, where they will be turned over to their Instructor, who will assist them in boarding their boat and beginning the trip.
  • Upon completion of the training, students will be escorted back to the Airport at St. Thomas (STT), where they will board their plane for the flight home.

Secondary – some students may wish to arrive directly on Beef Island, Tortola (EIS).

  • Students should be scheduled to arrive in the mid to late afternoon if possible, however all arrivals on the first day of their scheduled itinerary are acceptable.
  • Students can be scheduled to leave before noon; however, they should all be scheduled to leave no later than 15:00 on the last day of their scheduled itinerary.
  • All arriving crew, upon clearing customs and immigration, will be met by a LeaderSail staff member.
  • Students will be escorted from the airport to the LeaderSail Base and from the Base to the airport for their departure.

Passports will be required for all travel outside the United States. Passports must be valid for six months from the end date of the proposed itinerary in order to be considered valid for entry into other countries. The lead time for passport applications can take weeks, so students are reminded to apply early. Apply for Passport

Travel Fees

Taxis, ground transportation, ferry fees, and departure taxes are all included in the price of the LeaderSail Voyage. Transport from home to the primary or secondary points of embarkation, and for the reverse trip home will be the responsibility of the student.

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance is required on all LeaderSail trips. Many medical insurance programs do not provide coverage outside the United States and even the best plans do not cover emergency medical evacuation. To insure all participants have adequate coverage and to simplify the process, we have arranged to purchase a medical travel insurance policy on your behalf. After you have been confirmed on a trip, we will add the medical insurance policy to your invoice based on your voyage and information.

Insurance Policy Overview

  • Maximum Limits - $2,000,000
  • Individual Deductible - $0
  • Emergency Evacuation - $500,000
  • Emergency Reunion - $50,000
  • Sports & Activities Coverage Included
  • Trip Interruption - Up to $5,000
  • Lost Luggage - Up to $250

Estimated Insurance Cost: ~$35 a week. Prices may vary based on student.