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Accredited Sailing School
LeaderSail is an IYT accredited sailing school for young adults. No previous sailing experience required!
Our Students
All current High School students are welcome to apply. Special programs for college students may be available.
British Virgin Islands
All voyages start in the BVI. Our sailing itineraries include destinations in the US Virgin Islands and Leeward Islands.
Summer Trips
Trips take place every summer in July, ranging from 8-14 days in length.
Sailing Credentials
LeaderSail trips give students the opportunity to earn professional sailing credentials from IYT and USNSA.
Leadership Experience
Build leadership experience while learning to sail a 50-foot, world-class, offshore-sailing yacht.
Marine Exploration
Snorkel coral reefs and explore fresh-water grottos. The British Virgin Islands are a wonderland for marine enthusiasts.
Historic Sites
Travel abroad, visit historic sites, and experience the unique culture of the Caribbean.
Sailing - and so much more!
Sail the Waters of Blackbeard the Pirate
Walk Sandy Beaches
Explore Saltwater Grottos
Snorkel Coral Reefs
Hike Through Tropical Forests
Climb Mountain Peaks
Virtual Boat Tour
Welcome Aboard!

Wondering what our boats are like? Now you can see for yourself. The Virtual Boat Tour offers 360 degree views of our vessels, inside and out!

What Students and Parents are Saying

Remmy -

"Overall I would rate the LeaderSail experience Fantastic!"

Anastasia -

"This has been the best thing I have ever done!"

Angeles -

"You really can’t just explain this trip, you can look anything up online, and you can see it there, but it’s not the same if you are not there. You really don’t know what it is until you’re there, you just have to try it out, give it a shot!"

Parent of Noah-

"Thank you for so many things...especially for giving Noah an amazing experience, for taking great care of my kid, and for all the photos and videos! He chatted and told me stories the entire 2.5 hour drive from the airport, and while we looked at the photos and videos. He had the time of his life!"

Let the Adventure Begin!
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