About the Program

LeaderSail is an exciting and demanding leadership development program, built around sail-training and marine exploration. It was originally founded by a group of retired naval officers, who wanted to share their love of the sea and their passion for developing strong leaders. Over the years, this program has expanded to include other programs for specific groups, with each program tailored to the needs and expectations of its crew. LeaderSail is open for all high school students to apply.

Based in the British Virgin Islands, this program offers unparalleled sailing, snorkeling, and island exploration opportunities, set in a tropical paradise. Sail the waters of Blackbeard the Pirate; walk the beaches immortalized in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island; snorkel the fabled treasure caves. Do all this while learning to sail and developing leadership skills aboard a 50-foot, world-class, offshore-sailing yacht.

In addition to sail-training and developing their seamanship and leadership skills, students will have the opportunity to explore coral reefs and learn about the marine environment. While visiting the British and U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as Leeward Island nations, students will hike beaches, climb mountains, explore salt water grottos, snorkel caves, visit historic sites, swim in tropical rivers and splash in pools created by spectacular waterfalls.

On these trips you will work hard, but we promise you will play even harder. Are you ready to learn how to sail and develop your leadership skills? If so, this trip was made for you.


LeaderSail is affiliated with International Yacht Training (IYT), and is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands. The instructors for the LeaderSail Program are certified under the IYT program as offshore sailing instructors and all have significant sailing experience. IYT is a global leader in marine certifications and is the most trusted international standard of excellence in yacht training and certifications.


As the accreditation authority, IYT has certified all the instructors of the LeaderSail program. To achieve the IYT Offshore Sailing Instructor certification, the proposed instructors must meet rigorous IYT Standards and demonstrate their in-depth knowledge of both theory and practical abilities. In addition, LeaderSail Instructors must pass a demanding four-day practical exam and demonstrate their ability to teach sailing and handle the vessel in all aspects of offshore sailing. This program is administered by the LeaderSail Administrative team and ensures all instructors meet the highest standards in marine education and training.