Memphis University School British Virgin Islands 10-Day Voyage

Prerequisites: Have at least one semester of high school experience by the LeaderSail voyage start date, and be currently enrolled at the Memphis University School, St. Mary's, Hutchinson or St. Agnes.

No Previous Sailing Experience is Required.

Graduating Seniors are Allowed - If you are a graduating senior the semester before the MUS 10 Day voyage, you are still allowed to go. We like to have the leadership of the graduating seniors on our trips.

Sailing Credentials Available - Students not only develop their leadership skills and have a great time, but also have the ability to earn accredited sailing credentials. Certifications under International Yacht Training and US Naval Sailing Association (USNSA) are available. Students can typically earn the International Crew/Senior Crew or International Watchkeeper/Watch Captain credentials, while on the MUS BVI 10 Day Voyage.

Trip Summary

The MUS British Virgin Islands 10 Day Voyage provides 10 Days of leadership development, sail training and island/marine exploration. Learn to sail in the fabulous waters of the British Virgin Islands aboard a 50 ft sloop. Snorkel crystal blue waters filled with vibrant marine life, explore the real world Treasure Island, world famous Baths, and the Bubbly Pond of Jost Van Dyke. Enjoy all of this while developing the leadership skills that will help you succeed in the world of tomorrow. Join us for an adventure you will never forget and experience things others can only imagine.

Typical Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Travel, Check-in and board the boat, Water Safety Brief, Pier side in Road Town

Day 2: Depart to Norman (Treasure) Island, Snorkel caves, Mooring at Norman Island

Day 3: Depart to Baths, Explore Baths, Mooring Leverick Bay, Beach Party with "Jumbies"

Day 4: Depart for sailing practical, Anchor Savanah Bay

Day 5: Depart for Snorkeling at Eustatia Reef, Anchor Eustatia Island (Dive Wreck of Kodiak Queen and Kraken / Eustatia Reef)

Day 6: Depart for Snorkeling at Dog Islands, Mooring at Cooper Island (Dive Wreck of the Rhone / Reef Dive)

Day 7: Depart for sailing practical on way to Jost Van Dyke, Hike to Bubbly Pond, Mooring Diamond Caye

Day 8: Depart for Soppers Hole, explore West End, Sail to Great Harbor, Anchor Great Harbor/White Bay

Day 9: Depart to White Beach, Explore White Beach, Depart for Road Town, Pier side in Road Town

Day 10: Clear Boat, Depart for St. Thomas, Travel Home