Leeward Island 21-Day Voyage

Prerequisites: Have at least one LeaderSail voyage successfully completed by the LeaderSail voyage start date.

No Previous Sailing Experience is Required.

Graduating Seniors and those enrolled in College are Allowed - If you are a graduating senior the semester before the LI 21 Day voyage, or if you are attending a college program and working on LeaderSail Instructor qualifications,you are still allowed to go. We like to have the leadership of the graduating seniors and college students on this trips

Sailing Credentials Available - Students not only develop their leadership skills and have a great time, but also have the ability to earn accredited sailing credentials. Certifications under International Yacht Training and US Naval Sailing Association (USNSA) are available. Students can typically earn International Crew/Senior Crew or International Watchkeeper/Watch Captain, while on the LI 21 Day. With multiple trips it may be possible to demonstrate your knowledge and experience to earn the International Bareboat Skipper qualification.

Trip Summary

The Leeward Island 21 Day Voyage includes everything in the LI 14 day trip, plus so much more. Travel to three additional countries. Experience true blue water sailing. Hike and explore the cloud shrouded mysteries of the mountain rainforest of Saba. Scale the summit of the highest peak in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Sail further down the chain to the Islands of St. Kitts and St. Nevis, where you will walk the parapets of Brimstone Hill Fortress, the largest British fortification in the Americas, and the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Eastern Caribbean. Zip line through mountain rainforests, while getting up close and personal with descendants of monkeys that migrated from western Africa almost 400 years ago. Witness the awesome destructive powers of volcanoes in Montserrat. Visit hidden grottos and boiling lakes in Dominica, Experience the thrill of standing at the foot of a 300 foot waterfall in Guadelupe. Snorkel the most remote and pristine reefs in this hemisphere, all while gaining additional sailing and blue water cruising experience. In turn, this will allow you to perfect your skills and qualify for more advanced certifications.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Travel, Check-in and board the boat, Water Safety Brief, Pier side in Road Town

Day 2: Depart to Norman (Treasure) Island, Snorkel caves, Mooring at Norman Island

Day 3: Depart to Baths, Explore Baths, Mooring Cooper Island

Day 4: Depart for sailing practical, Mooring Leverick Bay

Day 5: Written Exam, Depart for Snorkeling at Eustacia Reef, Clear Out, Anchor at Eustacia Island

Day 6: Depart to Sombrero Island, Sailing Practical, Anchor Sombrero Island

Day 7: Explore Sombrero Island, Snorkel, Prep for Departure to Saba

Day 8: Arrive Saba, Clear Customs, Mooring at Saba

Day 9: Hike the Saba Rainforest, Mooring at Saba

Day 10: Depart for St. Kitts, Clear Customs, Anchor St. Kitts, Dinner in St. Kitts

Day 11: Brimstone Hill Fortress, Sugar Museum and Rain Forest Zip Line Experience. Anchor St. Kitts

Day 12: Depart for Dominica, Anchor Dominica, clear customs

Day 13: Explore Plymoth, Witches Hut set from Pirates of the Caribbean, hike the grottos.

Day 14: Clear boat, Depart for Guadeloupe, arrive Guadeloupe, clear customs

Day 15: Explore island, hike to falls

Day 16: Clear boat, Depart for Montserrat, anchor Montserrat, clear customs

Day 17: Tour Island, witness volcanic destruction for overlook, clear customs,Dinner Ashore

Day 18: Depart for St. Martin, Pierside at Bobby's Marina

Day 19: Depart for BVI, Clear in at Jost Van Dyke, Anchor White Beach

Day 20: White Beach, Depart for Road Town, Pierside at Road Town

Day 21 Depart for St. Thomas, Board flight home.